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Our Mission is powering prosperity around the world

We do it by attracting the world’s top talent, bringing vital partners into our global platform, and leaving the world a better place through exceptional corporate citizenship.

 More Money, More Time, More Confidence

Whatever prosperity means to you, we’re committed to working on your behalf and making it happen. Every day we innovate with our flagship products - TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. So no matter your financial need, we have a solution that can help. Whether you’re a consumer, self-employed, or a small business owner, we’re in your corner to help make your dreams of prosperity come true.

The Power of ManyWe tap our global ecosystem of partners and users—all ~50 million of them—for high-value insights. Then we put that power at your fingertips by delivering awesome product experiences. We focus the power of many, to drive the prosperity of one.
Intuit Fast Facts 
  • Intuit was founded in 1983
  • Our founders are Scott Cook and Tom Proulx
  • We went public in 1993
  • Our CEO is Brad Smith
  • Scott Cook is our Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • We employ 9,000 employees worldwide
  • We have 19 locations in 9 countries